In 2014 AMFM247 Broadcasting Network decided to expand how we distribute our media and content. We know that radio was a very effective way to reach audiences but we wanted to go a step further; that is why we expanded our media to television.

It was important for us to eliminate as much regulation as possible, doing so created a completely free platform that our hosts can express freely their opinions without censorship or persecution. We feel that is extremely important at AMFM247 Broadcasting.

To broadcast our hosts content we created our own Roku channel and we distribute the content on YouTube under AMFM247 Broadcasting Network’s channel.

Our Roku channel is ad free and does not require a subscription fee to view. It’s completely free for any viewer. Currently we have over 100K subscribers to the channel and we host a variety of subjects that range from politics to life and health and everything in between.

Those who have a show on our network will have a show category dedicated to their show. You will access the show by going under the appropriate group (Art, Politics, General, etc) then scroll to find the show you are interested in. When you click the graphic you will see the 5 most recent shows.

We keep the 5 most recent shows because our research found through surveys that many of our viewers never or rarely watched anything older than that.

The benefits of having your show on our network is you are among other shows and can attract viewers from other shows in a group networking style scenario. You don’t have to host your own content and it’s updated when you send us your most recent show.

To Access AMFM247 Roku Channel:

You can search AMFM247 in your channel search option on your Roku device or you can add it manually on your computer by typing in the vanity code: AMFM247. Just sign into your account, add station, then type the code. You may have to refresh your device to see the channel in your line up

Your OWN Roku Channel

We have the capability to design you your own Roku channel that will allow you to feature your own content only. We will create the specific categories you desire, graphics, and anything else necessary. We will create you your own Roku developer account so you have access to it at all times. You will be responsible to host your own content which can be done through Vimeo Pro or Amazon S3 servers. It’s a one time set up and a monthly charge to update your content should you choose not to update it yourself.

YouTube is a favorite outlet for those who want to distribute their video content/blog. We have our own YouTube channel that we can add your videos to and it will be a part of the AMFM247 Broadcasting Channel. We do understand that some of you may have your own channel and you get advertising revenue from it so uploading your content on our station on YouTube may not be the best option. We have some solutions.

  1. If you upload your own show on your own YouTube Channel, YouTube may delete the duplicate content. If that is the case we suggest either using our network or staying on your channel. However we are happy to upload the content to your channel so you don’t have to. We will title it, tag it and add any description you provide. We would just need access to your account and we will upload any content you need us to upload. If you don’t have one and you prefer to have your own channel and use it we can create it for you for a one time fee of $35.00
  2. If you do not have your own YouTube channel you can upload to ours. It’s included with the Television package. Again we will title it, tag it and add any description you provide us.

To access our channel visit:


See our package page for all updated pricing and options: