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Cash Back with Triple Rewards

Every time you make a purchase from the xyzbuys catalog OR one of the popular on-line merchants in our referral network, you willaccumulate points toward cash rewards. The xyzbuys Cash Rewards Program is separate from any discounts/cash rebates that merchants may offer directly to their customers. (To begin your shopping, please access the Homepage Categories or use the turnstile display or go to All Shopping links for listing/selection of all on-line merchants).

Through 04/30/2018 xyzbuys is assigning 3 points for every dollar of purchase instead of the usual one point for every dollar (excluding tax and shipping). When a total of 1500 points or more is reached, xyzbuys will convert the accumulated points at 1.25% in cash rewards to you. ( This means you will actually get 3.75% cash back for purchases totaling $500 or above ).

As proof of purchase, simply forward to a copy of your e-mail confirmation receipt from the merchant within 60 days of the purchase. Once verified you will be assigned cash reward points by xyzbuys.

Going through xyzbuys for all your on-line shopping needs will not change in any way your shopping experience with well-known retail merchants other than the added advantage of our Cash Rewards Program.

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