The Uncommon Truth

The words and example of Jesus have become uncommon today, even within Western Christianity. The Uncommon Truth helps listeners reexamine who Jesus is and how to live more consistently as His followers.

Have you ever wondered why the Christianity you live doesn’t seem to look anything like the faith written about in the New Testament? Do you ever get the feeling that your Christianity just isn’t working the way Jesus intended it to? What are we missing? The Uncommon Truth addresses these questions and more every week.

The Uncommon Truth features Steve and Vicki Orsillo, senior pastors of The Father’s House Church in Oroville, CA. The Orsillos founded The Father’s House in a neighborhood wracked by generational poverty, substance abuse and crime. For over 22 years they have been transforming their city; literally rebuilding abandoned homes, rehabilitating those trapped in addiction and training up the next generation of Christian leaders through the church’s School of Transformation.

Their message is simple: listen to Jesus and put His words into practice.

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