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Open your eyes…wider! Expand your heart & Claim Mastery and abundance right now! Sri & Kira, a Twin Soul couple, boldly answer the perennial tough questions with FRESH perspectives and naked authenticity! A bold combination that delivers spot-on accuracy! Over 18 years ago, Sri & Kira met, a profound spiritual healing unfolded.  Visitations from the Ascended Masters and Archangels were frequent as information and energy was poured into Kira and Sri, thus propelling them on their shared mission of world service. 

How do we navigate this critical time of rapid expansion of consciousness, on the planet, NOW? Each Week, Sri & Kira dive into this Encyclopedia Galactica, weaving in the Divine Guidance & timeless wisdom, as they explore vast topics from Ascension Energy & Awakening to Timeline Surfing, Living in the 5th Dimension, our Collective Cosmic History, The Yoga of Self-Ascension & more! Provocative? Absolutely! Engaging? All-ways! 

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk”, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, and Master Avesa Medical Intuitive Quantum Healer. Born clairvoyant, Master Lady Kira Raa was declared dead from cancer in 1989. She is known as the most prolifically accurate Oracle of modern history.

Publicly active since 2003, Sri & Kira arrived at the forefront of the higher consciousness movement due to the wisdom, clarity, and accuracy of the information they share with the world. With five best-selling books, they present extraordinary insights about human origins, divine destination, and Authenticity AS Passionate Action.  Top-rated radio hosts, YouTube personalities, (OfficialSriandKira), and Sought after Spiritual Mentors and Magazine columnists, including numerous cover stories, it was Newsweek magazine that stated: “Sri & Kira are offering reassurance and uplifting the consciousness of the world.” 

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