Cool Your Heels

Ms. Lillian S. Cauldwell has interviewed numerous bestselling fiction and nonfiction authors on the national acclaimed phone group tour, PBP Playback Producers. She has also been a Media Adviser at The National Publicity Summit in New York City (Steve Harrison). In former years, Ms. Cauldwell participated in the International Miami Book Festival and interviewed selected authors in person and by telephone. Lillian Cauldwell is known in the Media Industry as ‘Passionate’ and ‘Getting Things done!’

Ms. Cauldwell Ghost-writes blogs for top business executives including inter-active e-books from articles, blogs, commentaries, letters-to-the-editors, and vlogs for top business executives and authors. She helps business individuals master the techniques of presentation and interpersonal skills.

Clients engaged Ms. Cauldwell for her honesty, integrity, passion, getting things done, 25 years of research skills, 10 years of audio streaming and interviewing, versatility, communication and interpersonal skills.

Lillian Sara Cauldwell (born April 4, 1951, Baby Boomer) is an American author, entrepreneur, public speaker and ‘expert’ author interviewer. She has written one self-help book, “Teenagers! A Bewildered Parent’s Guide” which is required reading by all professors at Parson’s School of Design freshmen and transfer student’s professors.

Lillian S. Cauldwell created and operated the first women owned and run Internet talk radio network established in 2005. In the past eleven years, the network has garnered a listening audience of over ten million listeners, half 4.5 million listen to ‘on demand’ archival programs.

Based on three major principles, Ms. Cauldwell has interviewed international and nationally acclaimed authors from The Miami International Bookfair (asked back 4 years in a row) at the book fair plus re-interviewing these authors via remote video and audio streams.

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