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My name is Greg Young, I am an ordained minister, and I am known as Pastor Greg through my radio show Chosen Generation Radio. I created the radio show in September of 2012. This is not a preaching show as I felt God calling me to do something different. There are three main issues that He gave me to address, Islam, Secular Humanism and the Homosexual Agenda. The show is conversational interviews focused on the issues of the day and with a biblical worldview. I began on a small station in Kerrville Texas. I have had the show on in Philadelphia and Southern California. I am currently syndicated through USA Radio Networks in Major Markets M/F 10 AM to Noon EDT and AM/FM247, Red State Talk Radio and KYAH 540 AM covering the State of Utah M/F 4 to 6 PM EDT and Wilkins Radio Network at varying times during the week and the No Bull Radio Network covering all of South Texas. I am listed in the Top 100 Conservative Radio Hosts in America according to Top Talk Radio. That is by the way a non paid listing.


This is biblical evidence to support our involvement in the process in the New Testament. The old testament is filled with examples of God’s plan for His people to be involved in government and in raising up righteous leaders in order to enjoy His blessings. In fact the Abrahamic covenant begins specifically with the promise that God would raise up nations and kings from Abraham. (Genesis 17) In order for their to be a nation it must have leadership and that leadership is supposed to be filled by those who are of the Abrahamic covenant of which Christians are now a part through Jesus Christ. (Galatians 3:29)

Then there is the very heritage of America from the Mayflower Compact which clearly states the purpose of the pilgrims voyage to America, to the Black Robe Regiment, which preached the founding principles we find in our Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and Constitution, to the thousands of letters and personal documents which clearly identify that they intended that Christianity be the bedrock upon which this nation must stand, upon which it could only stand.

Pastor-Greg-CongressmanThese firm examples bolstered my desire to start Chosen Generation Radio. I felt and still feel very strongly that the Hill Country and Texans as a whole need to be awakened to the fact that Texas is going the way of California. Battleground Texas has already invested nearly $10 million dollars in efforts to turn Texas blue. This all out war on Texas and the values held by our founding fathers must be opposed. What sets Chosen Generation apart is the unapologetic focus on the principles that made this nation great. We were founded as a Christian nation and unless we turn back to God and ask for His intervention we will not win this battle. As you peruse these pages and my blog I pray you will find information to help you engage in this battle. There are far too many examples to list here, but you will see them throughout my posts.

I realize that everyone can not be out everyday sounding the alarm and spreading the word. That is why I am doing the radio show; To share and educate and bring about a change to a Godly nation once again. I am bringing on great guests to help with the dissemination of truth from a biblical perspective.

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