AMFM247 Broadcasting will distribute press releases written by our customers that choose to add that option to their base package. Our press release service sends your release to several hundred news rooms, reporters and wires across the US.

A properly written release will give you a much better chance for inclusion. If you need to check how to properly write a press release that stands out above the rest, check out this reference article.

Some tips right off the bat you should consider when writing your release:

  1. Do NOT make the press release a sales pitch. Most media outlets get paid to advertise so the likelihood of them publishing a press release that is a sales pitch isn’t very likely.
  2. Make your release informative, they are a news outlet so things that are informative are more attractive for them to publish or consider.
  3. Always make sure you have your contact info on the release. Failing to do so is like giving out a business card with no way to contact you written on it. Useless and a waste of time.
  4. Make sure you don’t over insert hyperlinks. Sometimes these hyperlinks can be misconstrued as SPAM and if the media outlet doesn’t recognize the links they may strip them from the release.

Submitting Your Release

If you opted to add the press release option to your basic package, you may submit your release to us by sending it to Please make sure the release is in a .docx format (Microsoft Word). Please make sure if you want a photo included you send it separately from the document. Please do NOT send a .pdf file.