Basic Package:  (150.00 per month)

  • (1) 1 hour show a week – pre recorded
  • Plays on all FM stations nationwide
  • Plays on our online platform and all streaming outlets like TuneIn
  • Landing page that describes your show in a paragraph or to, links to your websites, social media etc.

A La Carte Add On’s

Each A La Carte service can be purchased without the basic package.  Prices shown are the price with a 50% discount obtained by having a basic package.

  • Press Release Service (15.00 per month) – We will submit up to 3 press releases to our list of top radio, TV and newsprint outlets.  We can’t guarantee these will be posted, but we can guarantee that they will be seen.
  • iHeart Inclusion (20.00 per month) – We will create a show on AMFM247’s broadcast’s Spreaker which will bring you an account on Spreaker, Google and more. It will also create your own iTunes account.  A normal account with unlimited shows would cost you $50.00 a month direct with Spreaker. Maintenance remains until broadcasting stops or service is cancelled.
  • Archiving (20.00 per month) – We will archive each show with description on our archive platform which feeds various other podcasting platforms.  Archives remain until broadcasting stops or service is cancelled.
  • Multiple Days (25.00 per day per month) – You can add multiple days to either play a new show or a repeat of a previous show streaming on ALL radio stations and streaming outlets.  So if you want 2 extra shows a week it would be $50.00 more per month (time slots pending). This would be a 1 hour slot.  For additional 30 minute slots the price will be $15.00 per day per month.
  • Build Your Own Roku Channel ($500.00 set up fee) – If you ever dreamed of having your own TV channel this is a great place to do that.  We will build you your own Roku channel with custom grouping.  The fee mentioned is a one time fee to build the channel and submit it for public inclusion.  To add shows or movies to the station it’s an additional $10.00 a month fee.  Additional fees may be included if we host the shows on our server based on a monthly bandwidth transmission – this is a variable cost that fluxuates each month.  Your show will also appear on our AMFM247 Roku Network.  Shows must be fully produced and set to us.
  • Show Production (30.00 per month or $6.00 per show if more than 4 a month) – Are you capable of recording segments you need for your radio show but don’t know how to put it together?  This option is for you.  We will take music specified, and build each episode to your specs.  We will make sure the levels are good, it’s in stereo and a quality production.  Add intro/outro music, commercials etc.
  • Add On (59.00 per month) – You can expand your reach to our sister station online ONLY in addition to the platform.  This station does not have any AM/FM stations associated with it.  You can have the same amount of days you have on for the one monthly fee.  We are unable to provide stats for  You can be on solely for the low price of $99.00 a month.