All Shows Broadcast on the Internet Stream simultaneously play on the AMFM247 Terrestrial Transmitters and on Amazon’s Alexa. AMFM247 Owns and Operates the Server and Transmitters and are NOT shared to insure reliability and uptime.

Podcasts of said Shows are stored on space we lease from Amazon Web Services.

Said Podcasts are picked up and reposted on various Podcasting Platforms including but not limited to iHeart, iTunes, Spreaker and many other smaller services Worldwide.

The AMFM247 two Public ROKU Channels stream audio & video to the Public at no cost. These are free Channels to anyone who has a ROKU streaming device. Said audio & video content are also stored and streamed like Netflix from Amazon Web Services.

All services provided by AMFM247 are on a Month to Month Basis and require 30 Days Notice for Cancellation.