San Diego, California—7-29-20—Sandra Rogers, MA, LMFT, the author of Inviting theQueen: An Emerging Archetype for Women at Midlife, will discuss her ground-breaking concept of a newly-named life stage and its accompanying archetypal energy with Ken D. Foster, on 7-29-20 on his long-running radio show Voices of Courage, heard across the country on the Syndicated Radio / Podcast Network AM/FM 247, starting at 4 PM eastern time

Depth Psychotherapist Sandra Rogers, MA, LMFT, has based her book, Inviting theQueen, on what many women intuitively know—that in the life stage paradigm of Maiden, Mother, and Crone something is missing.  She offers the archetype of the Queen, a stage at midlife between the Mother and the Crone, to help midlife women envision and manifest this Queen archetype and its accompanying energy. Through rich examples of real-life women, Sandra brings the Queen to life, and then shows how to fully embody her energies using the chakra system. She also includes a tool kit ofsuggestions for journaling, meditation, visualization, and instructions for conducting a self-coronation ritual.

Sandra has noted that women aged 55 and over face a challenge not often acknowledged by either themselves or the world:  That is what to do with their lives when they have become empty nesters or retirees, or as she says, “are moving out from the energy of the Mother archetype to what?”  “What now?” they ask. “Who am I now?” “ What should I do with the skills I have mastered over the years?” Those questions are often followed by the recognition that they still have much to give and that they still want to participate fully in life, and they are not ready settle for being “a lady who lunches.”

Quoting from a review on Amazon:  Finally! An empowering book for women like me, stepping into our 50s and 60s, not ready to be a “crone” or an elder just yet, but sensing the power of our age and stage in life. “Queen” sounds just right, indeed! I’ve recommended this book to so many friends, and especially those in book clubs–this would be a great read and discussion. I even know therapists who are using this book with their clients! Highly recommend!

Voices of Courage airs on terrestrial radio, internet radio, internet TV, and is podcast around the world. The show reaches thousands of listeners who tune in to hear host Ken D. Foster interview guests with uplifting, courageous, and impactful messages that inspire people to change their lives for the better. Sandra will be the featured guest on the Voices of Courage radio show hosted by Ken D. Foster: and will be available for replay here:

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