Do you have a message and are passionate about something that you want to share?  Then radio could be the answer you’re looking for.  Radio is a versatile and affordable platform that will help you get your message in front of potentially millions of listeners across the United States and the world.  Through the development of internet radio we now have an uncensored platform that will carry your message around the world because the reach is far greater than traditional radio.  We are the most host-friendly Internet Radio station anywhere.

At AMFM247 Broadcasting Network we have a variety of options to help you achieve that goal of spreading your message.  We offer iHeart Radio podcast inclusion, archiving of your show, included with our traditional and internet broadcasting, TV and more.  We can consult you on setting up your own show, we can even help you mix your show into a final product.

Our terrestrial stations are NOT locally centered which offer local and worldwide content.  We use low powered transmitters that focus on populated businesses and residential areas for maximum reach.  Certain cities have a broader coverage than others.  Each transmitter streams AMFM247’s internet streaming content and is controlled here at our primary studio.


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AMFM247 Requires for pre-existing shows that you have a consistent production which means a minimum 1 show a week for 12 weeks consistently.  Any pre-existing show will be reviewed for inclusion.  Those shows are reviewed not for content but context meaning no show will be permitted on AMFM247 Broadcasting Network if that show promotes hate or violence toward anyone or anything.  If the show describes how to commit crimes or has anything to do with sex slavery of adults or minors.  The show must not contain any illegal content and finally must not promote racism.  This is NOT censoring we do not promote crimes, hate or discrimination. Cursing is allowed.  Upon approval your show will be offered a spot on our station to fit the package you wish, on the available time slot you chose.  We are NO LONGER month to month agreements.  All NEW shows will be required to sign a 6 month or 1 year contract with a mandatory 90 day non-cancellation period.  After 90 days you may cancel the show prior to the contract’s fulfillment with a small cancellation fee.


Some shows are pre-existing and well established but that doesn’t mean someone just starting can’t have a well produced show! If you are new to this and want to know what it takes to get started, let us show you what you need.

  1. First decide how you want to do your show (do you want guests or not?) That will determine what you will need to go forward and how much money you may need to spend.
  2. If you want guests but don’t want to invest much at first you can use a free conference line online. This will allow you to record your conversation and download it at a later time to compile a show. You can use things like, Zoom, Skype or a platform such as these. Some will allow video recording should you want to have a TV show as well.
  3. If you want just audio and want to have a little more professional setup you can get yourself a 2 mic port mixing board. You can get it from Amazon for 99.00 to 200.00 depending on the brand or quality. We suggest a 3 pin mic imput and buying a 3 pin mic professional musicians or radio people use. Your mic is the most important piece of equipment.
  4. To capture your audio or to edit audio we suggest Audacity which is free from – just google search it. They have a platform for iOS and Windows.

Formatting Audio

If you’re asking what does the audio need to be in order to be radio quality we suggest these minimal settings:

  1. 128bps but can be greater
  2. 1hz but can be higher
  3. Stereo audio – NOT MONO
  4. The audio should reach a peak between -5 and -3 – try to avoid hitting 0 as the sound can become distorted since it’s too loud.
  5. You can export the audio in an uncompressed .AIFF, .WAV but it’s best to send it as an MP3 to cut down the size.

How Do We Submit Our Show?

There are lots of ways to submit a show to us for inclusion once you pick out a package that suits your needs, the day(s) / time(s) you want your show to air then send us the completed MP3 using Google Drive, Dropbox, SendThisFile, WeSendIt or Hightail. It’s that simple. Most of these services are free up to like 500mb. An MP3 that is an hour or less is generally 54mb.

Sponsors, Time Constraints

At we do not find shows sponsors or advertisers. Occasionally some people reach out to us wanting to advertise, in which case we will send them to the hosts to work out a deal with. It’s your show, your hour you can add as many advertisers and sponsors as you wish. We will not require any of that money.

Time: You are allotted 60 mins and we encourage you to use as much of that hour as you can. We do not have advertising on our station so short shows will be followed by promos for our hosts and music. We do ask that your show not exceed 60 mins or 30 mins if you have a 30 minute show.